November 11th, 2007

wile e. coyote yikes!

[triple super secret flock filter] Okay, god is an iron.

Holy cow, Batfriends. Remember this conversation? As of, oh, yesterday?

Would you believe I think I just Met A Girl? I mean, not like seriously Met A Girl.

But I have a date. At least, I think it's a date. I'm pretty sure it's a date.


Pre-emptively, before the seagulls my friends descend, her name is Amarilis, she works for the W.H.O., she's another regular at the Puerto Rican place on the corner, and she's maybe 28, 29? I've seen here there before.

I went down to pick up my takeout order and she broke a heel coming out as I was going in (I was holding the door) and I kind of, er, caught her before she could faceplant on the sidewalk. (The sopa de huevo y limón was not so lucky.)

Anyway, she bought me coffee. And before I was really sure what was going on, there were dinner-and-a-movie plans. Nightmare Before Christmas. In 3D.

...her choice.

Oh, gawd, this only happens in Meg Ryan movies, doesn't it? I mean seriously, with the meet cute and the common interests and the whole thing?

....OMG, somebody come fix my hair and dress me!!!!!!


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[sooper secret filter] I'm not Scarlett O'Hara.

Okay, so that thing girls do, where they go on a date and they eat the salad and sip unsweetened iced tea and look miserable?

Yeah, well. That's me in drag.

I ate everything in the house before I went out to meet Amarilis. I figure I'll break her in slowly. If I get the opportunity. (It'll never last, right?)

Assuming the second date doesn't go too badly (It was definitely a date. And no, I'm not telling you how I know.) I will start plotting ways to introduce her to you guys. Or maybe not.

You know something? DEFINITELY not.

Is it really lying if you just ease up on a problematic topic? Like, oh, I have this weird metabolism thing and need to eat constantly to stay alive? And yeah, you get used to being stared at in restaurants, sorry, after a while it gets to be a game.

We did the totally neutral first-date thing and met at the restaurant, which was a nice low-key Eritrean place complete with the basket tables. I have a theory: Eritrean is good for first dates, because there are no table manners to mind, except remembering not to use your left hand. (And yeah, I did think about Dice, Daph. Ick.) We got one of the combination platters for two, and I think she was shocked that I ate the salad. (Boys don't eat salad. I hear it rumored.)

There was popcorn at the movie, and I even made sure she got some of it.

Annnnd.... I have no idea how to blog this, but... a pretty girl kissed me!

(We split up at the Metro station. She kissed me in front of people, even.)
(We're going dancing on Tuesday.)
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