January 4th, 2008

wile e. coyote yikes!

Let's split up. We can be spread over more ground that way.

Sleep since 5 am yesterday: 3 hrs, 7 minutes

Calories since midnight: ~4300, mostly in the form of bean and cheese burritos me and the Wabbit are assembling in the cop shop microwave out of stuff from cans and grocery store tortillas, dousing in Texas Pete, and eating standing up over the sink. One of the local cops (the woman) left a box of doughnuts on our tiny shared desk this morning, and two large coffees from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. Maybe there is a God.

And yet, that was not enough, because...

[Begin intentionally vague section of post.]

With both 0metotchtli and I in Vermont, that means I'm (we're) also working Hubbard County remotely. It's just like old times, except trollcatz is home base instead of us. It wouldn't be so bad if Mom were fit for duty, but as it is, all six of us in the field are stretched pretty thin.

I'm not sure I like this trend of two unrelated incidents at once, and both of 'em sprees. Especially after the thing at Q. And San Diego. But I keep telling myself that it's just a coincidence.

Please let it be just a coincidence.

Dad and the Cowboy have been out since midnight in unmarked vehicles, driving up and down and hoping to get lucky. Sun's well up now, so they should be staggering in soon. I made coffee.

Harpy, fret about them, not us. We're under orders that the only reason we're to leave this police station is if it's on fire, or the Cowboy shows up to drive us back to the hotel, which we might start doing in shifts if something doesn't break soon.

Chance of snow today down to 30%. Which is good and bad. Good in that there's less chance something will happen, because this guy likes weather. Bad in that there's less chance something will happen, because we need to be there when it does.

[End intentionally vague section of post, because really, I shouldn't be talking about this stuff, under flock or not.]

My popper just popped. Time for another burrito. And to beat Wabbit off that box of doughnuts long enough to swipe a couple. They make doughnuts with maple frosting up here.

Everything maple, as far as the eye can see.
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