June 5th, 2008


triumphant return


...know i have a lot of explaining to do. really sorry i worried anybody. long story short, did something dumb and got hurt pretty bad (cut up, broken bones, dislocation, exposure) and in the hospital. tubes everywhere =/= <3. strung out and stupid on pain meds, but will live.

typing a little messed up by hand cast. :-P:-P:-P:-P (almost said one-handed typing. not like that, you perverts.)

still just mostly wants to sleep... like cat... 18+ hours/day. sorry if i don't answer back comments and stuff. mbe l8r.

thank everybody for well-wishes. harpy printed them out. good bedtime reading.

txanne, think i owe you dinner. so sry. :-(

saoba, thank you for music.

carpe_noir, i hear there's a mysterious package...  

inaurolillium, hear you have nearly as many job offers as you deserve. good on you. u shld b twins.

the wabbit brought me a set of good eats dvds (good bcuz hospitals r boring). i'm sleeping through those.

had a dream i had alton's kitchen elves. 

want-want alton's kitchen elves. (y/y)

ha. took me hours (?days?) 2 type this much btwn sleeps. stopping now.

sleep again. ttyl.

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