July 12th, 2008


How sharper than a serpent's tooth.

So yesterday, was the last day of the puking drugs.

I bought myself a knife.

If you're already spending more than two hundred dollars on something, it's silly not to pay for overnight shipping, right? 

My new knife arrived today.
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Up and dressed.

[Private] More goals.

I waffled for a long time between the knife I bought and the Shun Classic left-hander at, you know, slightly more than half the price. Okay, so I spent way more money than somebody on disability should probably be spending. But since the whole point is to spend so much damned money on the thing that I will force myself to use it, I bought the better one. Also, this one I can use in either hand. Dunno, maybe it will help.

I haven't actually been able to bring myself to open the box yet. Just looking at the pictures online and knowing I have one like it in the kitchen kind of makes me feel like putting my head between my knees. I made a deal with myself, though, which was that tomorrow we were going to open the box, and Monday we were going to actually touch the knife. Tuesday we will take it out of the box and put it in the drawer rack.

And so on.

Because a guy needs to be able to chop pecans when the spirit moves.

And this is part of normal too.
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