September 30th, 2008

jumped off a bridge

I'll take angry and helpless for a thousand, Alex.

Didn't sleep last night, because I stayed up to midnight so I could be Wabbit's first birthday-wisher. And right as I was going to shut down my laptop and go to sleep, I found out about this.

Md. Mother Jailed After Bodies Of 2 Children Found in Freezer

...The girl said her mother had locked her out of their home, Garrett said yesterday, recalling Friday afternoon's encounter. She said she hadn't eaten in three days. And there was more: "She let us know that she had two sisters and that 'my mother beat them to death.' "

Early Saturday, Calvert authorities made a gruesome discovery: the bodies of two children encased in ice in a freezer in the home of Renee D. Bowman, 43. Bowman has been receiving a monthly government subsidy of $2,400 to care for her three adopted children: the 7-year-old girl on the street and two others who are now officially missing....

And after I read it, I had to get out of the apartment for a while. Which turned into a nice long skate around the state of Virginia. Okay, it only felt that like. If you saw a spotted blur around Arlington last night, that was me. And there wasn't any sleep, and today of course I'm at work. Came in early, in fact.

The story's been substantially rewritten since last night, when they had obviously just slapped together something hasty. But last night's version included some little facts and details that have been cut, probably in the interests of good taste. Like the fact that the little girl who survived survived because she climbed out of her bedroom window in her night gown and jumped for it. Like the fact that the freezer in question is a "drop-in" style, and that when investigators opened it, they found a cloudy block of ice with the bodies of two children frozen inside. And the fact that the medical examiner's office was waiting for the ice to thaw before they made any further identification or comment... and it was expected to take a couple of days.

Good. Fucking. God.

They were people. Tiny little people with hardly any recourse, but people. They were helpless. They'd been officially given into the possession of a crazy woman by the people who were supposed to look out for them. And everybody stopped looking out for them even a little.

Nobody even noticed they weren't enrolled in school.

And now there's two little girls who are dead, and who died of torture (let's call it what it is, people), and a seven-year-old girl who knew her sisters were in the freezer and nobody was ever coming to help her.

This is why I got into this business. Stuff like this. Because no matter how long and hard you skate, you can't skate away from a world in which this kind of thing happens. And it doesn't matter how fast you shovel; there's always more. But that doesn't excuse you from shoveling.

This was one state over. Right next door. It's not the only case like this happening right next door. To me, to you.

Just keep an eye out, okay? Because I asked. For me.
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