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Here's an FYI


...just like the title character.

You have to follow the link, because Universal Music Group is ass.

*Forgot to post it this morning before climbing. Sorry!

(Sorry I missed a day yesterday. Traveling.)

[locked work] Don't talk. Just listen

The thing that scares me most is that maybe he was right.

"I'm lying through my teeth."

It's like chocolate and peanut butter. Like Bogey and Bacall.

It's just pure unadulterated awesome.

"Pull the strings! Dance to that which one is created for!"

Bela Lugosi is still creepy even when he's not in a horror movie.

ETA: Oops, gotta scamper. May not be online much today!

You are here.

Did you know the Midwest is full of colleges? Billions. (Okay, not billions. But I think they were founded the way we build prisons now.) And a lot of them are tiny. What's it like to go away to a small college? Wouldn't it feel as if everyone was staring at you?

Which leads me to this totally appropriate scary video.